Saturday, June 26, 2010

Elimination Diet: Reintroducing Tree Nuts

These cashews from Trader Joes are one of my favorite snacks. When deciding to reintroduce tree nuts first, it wasn't too hard to decide that these cashews were how I would do it. In reality, I have had tree nuts through out the course of the big two-week elimination. I've had coconut (in the ice-cream and creamer), hazelnut (in the ice-cream), and almonds (in the Zing bars).

Bubby had a rough day yesterday. He was quite fussy and had some yucky poos. There are a few things I identified as "likely suspects" after noticing what was going on yesterday. One,  we started the grapefruit seed extract again on Wednesday. I am pretty sure the thrush is gone, but had noticed two small-ish suspicious looking spots on Bubby's lower gum line. Not teeth. I figured better safe than sorry and we started the GSE again. I looked back to what I had eaten the day before yesterday and three things stood out that had been different from my usual diet these last two weeks -- strawberries, tomatoes, and beef. It's not like I haven't had those at all in the last 3 1/2 months, but I certainly hadn't had them much over the last two weeks and none since we'd seen improvement in Bubby. So, I noted it in my journal and will keep an eye on it. Because he had such a rough day yesterday, I'm glad I had decided beforehand to reintroduce something I considered relatively "safe."

So, cashews it is. I had some this morning and will likely have a little more this afternoon for a snack. In four more days I'll reintroduce another allergen. I'm not going to post my diet every day anymore, but I do plan on posting about the reintroductions, how he's doing with things, and I'll definitely write about any exciting or new foods we try. I have a post in the making about the muffins (preview -- they were a hit!) but I'll have to write that when I have a good chunk of time to sit down and write.


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  2. Strawberries are one of the top foods that people react to... Hope the cashews do okay :-)

  3. Yea, the strawberries definitely caught my attention when I thought about what I'd eaten the day before. And tomatoes can be pretty bothersome too I guess.

    Boo. I *really* like strawberries.

  4. Were the strawberries organic? They're one of the foods with the most pesticides. Just another angle you might need to look at! Ethan and I have chemical sensitivities (I'm assuming Gabriel does too) so I've dealt a bit with that!


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