Monday, June 21, 2010

Elimination Diet: Days 9 & 10

I lost 3.2lbs last week. While, of course, I would like to lose this baby weight I really don't want to lose it too fast. For one, that's not a good way to lose weight. And two, I don't want any rapid weight loss to affect my milk supply. 3.2lbs in one week is too much. I've been worried I haven't been getting enough protein and fat. At least not good fat. My caloric intake seems to be okay, but I think I need to go to Trader Joes and pick up some avocados or something. It has made me even more sure that a protein needs to be the thing I reintroduce first. I had wanted to reintroduce wheat first, but I really do think reintroducing a protein first is the best way to go. And, since I wasn't really consuming much fish or tree nuts beforehand I feel pretty "safe" reintroducing those.

Yesterday was pretty typical. Oatmeal and sausage for breakfast. I actually put eggs on my plate (Beanie and I made breakfast for Glenn for Father's Day) and didn't think twice about it until Glenn said, "You're going to eat eggs?" I think my mind was in about a million places while I was making and serving up breakfast and I didn't even think about it. Had a boring lunch of deli meat, chips & veggies and dinner was a salad with tomatoes, chicken and the Italian dressing. I had a bowl of Rice Krispies with rice milk for an evening snack and I also had some of the coconut milk ice-cream.

Today I've been trying to get more calories & be mindful of what they are. I had oatmeal and orange juice for breakfast (darn cold that Beanie and Bubby had seems to have caught up to me too). Snack was a Zing bar and a banana. Lunch was a chicken breast & a big salad. For dinner, Glenn & Beanie had tacos and I just had a taco salad. It was a bit dry because the only dressing we have in the house that I can eat is the Annie's Italian one and that just didn't seem to jive with taco salad. A little ice-cream for dessert.

I realized I've been blogging about what I've been eating and all, but really haven't mentioned what I've noticed in Bubby. My general thought is I seem to be doing something right. He is much happier the last few days. His tummy seems to be doing a lot better. He has normal fussy times (not too many though!) and he sure isn't screaming and crying in pain. He has a lot less slimy poo diapers. And, only a mom trying to nail down a food intolerance would be over-the-moon happy to see typical curdy breastmilk poo. We got one of those today! The first in quite awhile. He does have a bit of a cold right now, so I was really ecstatic to see that. I just feel like he is doing so much better. I hope that we can easily identify the problem food when we start reintroducing. The first few days I didn't really notice much of a difference, but I definitely have the last few days. So has Glenn. He's a happy baby. I love it.

Saturday will be the first day I reintroduce. I'm thinking of going and getting some cashews from Trader Joes. Yummy and cheap (well, cheap as far as cashews go). In actuality, I've already reintroduced hazelnuts (in the ice-cream) and almonds (in the Zing bars). I really doubt there will be a problem with cashews. And I'll be really glad to have a good source of fat and protein back in my diet.

I really feel like progress has been made! I can't wait to get on to the next step of this process.

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  1. Have you tried yogurt for the thrush? Sorry if you have and I missed the post...I'm reading backwards. lol

    ps..I love the nicknames (Beany and Bubby).


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