Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Elimination Diet: Days 4 & 5

Yesterday wasn't anything eventful diet-wise. We made the La Bamba casserole for dinner since we didn't the night before. Other than that, it was pretty run on the mill & similar to the previous days.

Today was Glenn's day off & he made breakfast for Beanie and I while I laid in bed with Bubby for a bit. He made omelets. Boo. I felt so bad I wanted to cry. He even remember to leave the cheese out, but either I didn't tell him I wasn't having eggs or he didn't remember. I did have some sausage and potatoes so that was a nice change from the oatmeal for breakfast every day. Lunch was pretty usual -- lunch meat, carrots and hummus and I can't remember what else. We made turkey chili for dinner. I was good and protein-rich and I hope Bubby is okay with all the beans.

Oy. Bubby is upset. Gotta run.


  1. what is la bamba casserole?

    (you are doing great!!)

  2. There's a link a few posts down. It's from Cooking layer chiles, ground turkey, refried beans and cheese. We think of it more like a dip and eat with chips, rather than a casserole. So Yummy!


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